Yakshagana Costumes of Karnataka

The male artists performing the folk drama Yakshagana of Karnataka wear a small garment resembling to a vest and a dhoti. .The vest like garment is generally in shades of green or red. Dhoti has checks in red, black and orange. Cloth in red and white is tied around the waist at the back. There is no special costume for the women in this folk drama. They wear the local traditional garments.

Ornaments and unique and attract the attention as they are made of light wood, canvas and fabric. These ornaments are finely covered with golden foil and inlaid with coloured mirrors, stones and beetles wings. Beautiful appliqu? work is done on the armlets, crowns, armlets and belts.

Kiritas (locally called) or the headgear are generally made from wood and inlaid with attractive artificial stones, glass and mirror .A disc at the back and pair of wings on the side which is beautifully complimented with parrot and peacock hovering on the branch.