Wood Carving of Orissa

Wood carving is an old art form practiced in different parts of Orissa in many unique ways. Colourful or painted wood carving is famous of Puri where the local skilled artists prepare the finished goods using vegetable colors as well as chemical colours. The prepared article is so beautifully done up as every article is a unique piece. Colourful masks, wooden toys, chariot decorations and idols of gods and goddesses are very famous.

In the second kind of wooden carving, carving done on white teak . This plain carving is mainly done on white teak as it is soft in its properties and easy to work on with the local tools. This white teak is creamish in colour and this carving is mainly done in Cuttack. But the finishd items are available in rest of the country as well.

The last but not the least is the skilled work of Daspalla town where the local artists work on the rose wood. These artists prepare items such as bowls, jars, stands used for fixing incense sticks and many more house hold items. Rose wood in its properties is dark and heavy there fore such articles are prepared.