Wood Carving of Nagaland

The people of Nagaland are god gifted with the skills of multi crafts. Carving can be seen commonly at every entrance gate. It is important for a warrior and the family belonging to high status to have a wooden carving at the entrance of the gate or the door. Every village main entrance has a beautiful wooden carving. Carving of human figures, animals like elephant etc, mithun head, horn bill are the main and the famous carvings. All these carvings convey individual messages. The carving of mithun represents wealth";" animal figures convey tuff physical strength. Human figures represent success in hunting. The tools used during the carving are made locally. Tools such as chisel, axle, duo etc is commonly used. Nagas are at the same are music lovers and prepare their own instruments carved out of wood. Xylophones, drums and bamboo flutes are the instrument and display excellent music and skill of carving.