Vajamini Gare Dance of Gujarat

This is performed during the onset of the festival of colours, Holi. This dance is also popularly known for the chailla day celebration. The companions get together on the fifth day of gothi holi and perform the dance at different places spreading the charm and the secret message of colorful festival.

Many a times the dancers are joined by the women and the men. During this occasion goth is also conducted (kindly find out goth) in which there is use of flesh and liquor. Near the main place of holi celebration goat of fering is sacrificed. In case the number of the people is more, then a buffalo can also be put for sacrifice. The other part of the show is well managed by the men and the women who are singing, dancing and swinging in the mood of festival. Before people proceed for food the men and women folk dance near the place of holi. During the dance performance the dancers hold arrow and Kamtha in their hands and while playing the dhols they reach the peepal tree and take rounds around the auspicious tree. The dance ends with the fast beating rhythm of the dhols and with this the dancers come to rest. During this song is sung – Holi ni par utro/ Holi no bhar utriyo.