Tur Dance of Gujarat

This dance is very famous in the south of Gujarat.Tur dance has a very close relation to the festival of holi. Holi is the festival of colours which is celebrated all over India but it is very much of North India. Every dance has some special instrument to release sounds. In this dance instrument called toor is used to play the back ground music. Toor has resemblance to Bhoongal instrument .Tur dance also has instrument like copper thali which accompanies toor.

Dancers catch the hands of the partners standing next to them and ten they start shakin their bodies to the rhythmic sounds of toor and thali and the dancers get fully excited to each beat and are seen dancing in the full swing the whole night.

There are many more dances performed in the tribals regions of Gujarat but many of the dances don’t have any specified names and are known as the tribal dances. These dances can be seen during the local village fairs. The local fairs are full of fun and frolic and have the real traditional touch of the culture. One famous fair is conducted in Dahod of Panchmahal region for six days and here men and women are seen carrying dhols and umbrellas and they perform the dance at the centre place.Dancers move on the ryhemic tunes of dhol and clapping. Audiences enjoy each body movement of the dancers and encourage them by clapping for them.