Tribal Textiles of Assam

The tribal designs of Assam are woven on Rajampai fabric in striking colours. Kumbung, which means chaddar in the Rabha language, is a traditional Rabha dress and is used by the Rabha women like a shawl draped over the shoulder as an accessory to the sarong or kocha lufung. The patterns are generally geometrical lines embellished with floral tracery in between coloured strips and is woven on a loin-loom with traditional colours. The traditional Rabha muffler is woven on fly- shuttle looms with traditional colours and exceptionally fine patterns.

The Bodo tribes of Assam are from the plains and their women wear the traditional dhakana, a fabric wrapped around the body with only the shoulders exposed. This is very much like a sari and has a border running along its edges.

The Miri tribals weave patterns on blankets, mattresses and floor coverings in honour of guests and visiting dignitaries. The work done by the women of this community is known for its great beauty, excellence of traditional designs and durability.