Tribal Crafts of Nagaland

Over the years tribal craft form all over India has created an impact amongst foreign tourists. The Naga tribes are found to be decorating their most deadly weapons of hunting and survival, the dahs and spears, with hair dyed bright red and blue.

The jewellery used by Naga women is simple but appealing. Beads of cornelian, grass, turned wood beads, silver and cowries are used to thread necklaces. The local workmanship is excellent as the tribes are meticulous and hardworking.

Blacksmiths from the region, though relatively new to the industry, have been making agricultural implements like the dao, axe, hoe, scraper and sickle. The Konyaks are experts in making weapons like spear heads, butts, arrow heads, muskets and ornamental spears for dancing. Muzzle loading guns and a variety of pistols are also made.

The Nagas make their earthen pots without the use of a wheel. Exclusively a woman's craft, the pots are shaped by hands with flattened out-turned rims. Good sticky light-brown clay mixed with red and grey clay which has been allowed to season for a year is usually used. The firing of the pots is usually done outside the village, either at the sunset or in the early hours of the morning, to prevent outbreaks of fire.