Telia Rumal Ikat of Andhra

Ikats and brocade silks in Andhra Pradesh are skillfully woven at home under the supervision of master weavers. The wages at the end of the day depends on the quality and richness of the silks woven and the weaver who makes plain silks does not earn much. Pochampalli in Nalgonda district and Chirala in Guntur district are famous for their work in tie-and-dye weaving. This craft involves a detailed and sophisticated process where the warp and the weft are tied and dyed according to a predetermined design. Both cotton and silk fabrics are prepared using this process. A unique item called telia rumal (literally oily handkerchief) is made at Pochampalli which involves dipping the yarn into an oily solution before weaving. The patola or ikat saris of Pochampalli are generally centered on geometrical designs. A large variety of cotton lungis or cotton sarongs (draped around the waist ) for men are also prepared using this technique.

Noted Artisan:
Gajam Govardhana
17-32,Sri Nagar Coloney,Dilsukh Nagar
Hyderabad-500060 , Andhra Pradesh
Ph No.24067062
Mobile 9848024642

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