Textiles of Uttaranchal

Pankhi is the woolen shawl in which the traditional weaving is cherished. It?s a long shawl. Gudma is a blanket which is very soft, warm and has long and there is another form of blanket known as thulma which is very thickly woven and this property makes it very warm. These two blankets are very famous in hills of uttranchal. Mufflers, sweaters and many other products are designed in many colourful out of special rabbit wool called Angora wool.

Disrict of Pithoragarh , chamoli and Uttarkashi have tribe belonging to Bhotia. The people of this tribe are skilled in making carpets and ashans. The designs on these carpets are of mixed culture of Tibet and Kashmir. Pashmina shawls are hand made and are made out of the wool of special high altitude goat.

Local tweed called pattus are woven all over uttranchal and is warm . Coats, jackets are the main products made out of tweed.

Traditionally the colours worn on the auspicious occasions are the turmeric yellow and crimson. Ocassions such as maraiages, festivals and birth in the family the women wear veils of these two shades. Yellow is considered auspicious and displays closeness to humanity. Red is the shade of suhag or being married.

This is very much prevalent in Kumaon region. The veil is termed as Rangwali in the local language and it is a thin fabric of muslin. Muslin is a soft fabric which can be very easily dyed in the shade one desires. This rangwali muslin is 3m by 1metre piece and dyed in turmeric yellow co lour. This veil has symbols of moon, sun, fortune etc and is printed by the ladies themselves.Pichhoray is another traditional veil which is rich in its look and work. Pichhoray has lace of gold or silver and this veil is mainly common amongst the ladies of kumaon region.