Talwar Raas Dance of Gujarat

In Gujarat in one of the raas dances Kharak Khatak is used. This is in close relation to a sword. In this dance the dancers dress up like soldiers and wear tight pajama called churidar, this is accompanied with aangrakha style upper. Another fabric is tied over the waist. The speed of the dance is excellent but at same times the feeling and the expression of soldier is not to be neglected. War tactics are clearly seen in this dance. In Rajput community this dance is more common. In the northern Gujarat this can be seen in the Thakur community. Talwar raas is also known as thaga. During fairs this dance a different out look and dancers are seen wearing high heeled leather shoes. While taping their feet these shoes releases char char sound ad for this rason these shoes are also known as charki.

Hasri is worn in the neck toda and marki in the ears are the main ornaments worn. This dance is a challenging one as dancers use swords in full swing and this takes away the heart beats of the viewers.