Sujni Kantha Embroidery of Bihar

Sujni kanthas craft was originally practised only by Rajput women and the articles made were used for home or personal usage. Patches of different coloured cloth used to be sewn together and then covered in designs to make a small quilt for newly-born babies. Beautiful embroidery of gods and goddesses was also done and hung on walls. To compete with the demand of the market the artists started making patterns on the saris and on other fabrics.

Rural women in Muzaffarpur produce furnishings such as bedspreads, wall hangings, and cushion and bolster covers, as well as clothing items like saris, dupattas, Most of the furnishing items are produced on cream markeen fabric using a combination of a fine running stitch with the chain stitch. Brown and black casement fabric are sometimes used also Coloured mull or handloom is used for saris, kurtas, and dupattas, Tussar silk is used in making attractive stoles and jackets. Motifs are drawn directly on to the cloth with the colour marker. A fine running stitch all over the sheet is done with same colour as the base cloth. Chain stitch (usually black or red) is used to outline the motifs, and the details are then filled in with minute running stitches in coloured threads.