Stone Icon Carving of Karnataka

The art of sculpturing in stone has been passed down over centuries from generation to generation in Hoysala, a smalI town in Karnataka. The unique technique mastered over the years makes it easy to identify stones on the basis of the sound they emit when beaten. The different uses are also made clear to the sculpture where he learns to use 'male stones' for sculpting gods, 'female stones' for goddesses, and 'neutral stones' for sculpturing objects. Rules pertaining to proportions, postures, and ornamentation laid down by the Dhyanashlokas are followed.

A sketch of the proposed image is drawn on to the raw stone which has been cut in proportion. With the help of steel rods, mallets, chisels of varied sizes and files the rough stone is sculpted into a final image which is then smoothened with sandpaper and rubbed with coconut oil.