Stone Carving of Rajasthan

The fine stone-carving or fragile jali work in stone is very typical of this area. Jaipur, Thanagazi, Kishori Makrana, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Dungarpur are the main centres. Well Ornamented domestic wares in stone is beautifully designed with lot of attention to the art and its elegancy. A special feature is the carving of the Sun God, not found in other parts of Rajasthan.

Special stones found here are sand stone, yellow lime stone, colored and white marble. One can enjoy screens with traceries, and luxuriously carved doors ornamented with brass motifs. The green-spotted copper coloured tamra stone found in is used in making images. Dungarpur has a soft shaded stone which turns black when oiled and is used for icon-making.