Stone Carving of Madhya Pradesh

The soft marble rocks surrounding Bhedaghat near Jabalpur has a natural gift of flexible raw material for making decorative objects like figures, carved panels, and boxes. Balaghat has a green stone which is utilized in making different kinds of objects. Household equipments like the mortar and pestle, the silbatta(flat stone used for grinding purposes), chabbi, , handi(vessel used for cooking rice and vegetables), and chakla(platform used for rolling chapattis) are made by the tribals. These products are lightly carved with designs. Chakkis occupy an important position in Indian customs as they are believed to keep away evil spirits.

Bamaur has the blessing of five types of stones, of which the rajauri is the most durable. Singi is the most suitable for carving idols and. Mandsaur, Ratlam, and Narsinghagarh specialise in stone craft.

Artists at Ghosipura area of Gwalior has a number of sculptors residing and are known as descendants of VishwakarmaThe rates of the idols are fixed at an odd number value as the number 'one' is considered to be very auspicious.