Shukar Dance of Rajasthan

Shukar means pig. Dancers dress up like pigs and attain all the attraction. They are dress up so naturally that children believe them as real pigs. It’s an art the regional artists who design the costume so well.

There are hunters in this dance who put on dhoti and tie ghoongroos the knees. Waist is fasten with thick, broad leather piece of belt. Turban turns the dancer’s personality into their smartness. Dancers always carry stick in their hands which is used to make the pigs dance on the tunes of hunter. Dancers attract the viewers with their stunts and make them laugh while they chase the pigs. There are feelings behind every act they perform which has to be understood to enjoy the dance. Dancers put all their effort to do so. Hunters do carry bow and arrow also.

In this dance there is also somebody who does the swang(what does it mean) of a dog and in between the dance he runs into the public creating confusion and laughter all around. Dhol and thali are the main instruments.