Shikar or Hunting Dance of Gujarat

This dance is very famous amongst the tribes of Dharampur of Valsar region. This dance is also known as Marwo. In the tribals hunting is very common and his victory while hunting is celebrated or declared publically through dance.One can see the glimpses of the other states traditions of hunting dance in this dance form. States like Meghalaya, Tripura Andhra Pradesh and also Countries like South Africa and Africa are also reflected by these dancers. The tribals of Valsar mainly use bhala and bow and arrow while hunting and this can de seen in their dance too. One participant is showed as an item for hunting and rest predict as hunters showing all the actions involved in hunting. Dancers show how they hunt for the water species, how to trap a deer and how suddenly one battles if he somebody is caught in the way. The instruments like manjira, pungi and dhol are commonly and mainly used. These instruments produce beautiful music for the dancers to tap their feet.