Rasda Dance of Gujarat

This dance is available in one of the forms of raas. In this women folk in particular participate and sometimes both the genders are seen dancing together. It is believed to be part of rasak taal. Combination of instrumental music and vocal are complimented in this. Today Rasda with one clap and three claps has made its popularity in Gujarat. Today it has its presence in garba dance also. Rasda is performed by ladies on many occasions like Janmashtmi , Sharadpurnima, , fairs and on many other auspicious occasions. The love songs of Krishna and Radha are also heard. Men and women belonging to Koli and Bharvad community participate in rasda. Ladies clap to create rhythm for the dance. Pad taal also shows its colour during this dance. Many times dhol beats are played and many a times it is without the dhol beats. Rasda creates colorful atmosphere around and gives a very pleasant touch to the viewers.