Rarh Dance of Rajasthan

During holi there is a strong tradition of playing rarh at VagalAanchal. This is played in different styles at different places. At many places it is played with stones, burning wood and at some places with thorns.

The dancers cover their face with a thick white fabric but keep their eyes uncovered. At Biliya Bargama village the locals tie a fabric on top of the date’s tree. The young girls carry s of t sticks in their hands and cordon the area around the tree. The young boys make attempts to climb over the tree and remove the fabric. The alert girls make sure with their sticks, which is used as a measure to stop them from reaching the tree top. The lucky boy who climbs over the tree and gets the fabric is taken over the shoulders by the locals.

Locals take out a procession carrying the young boy and celebrate. The locals are thrilled over this and make it a memorable dance with their celebrations.