Pai Danda Raas Dance of Gujarat

Pai danda raas is one of the forms of dandiya raas.The main equipment of the dance or the accessory are the small size sticks. The dance form which uses swords, thick and thick sticks while the dances are performed are believed to be expressing the feeling of a soldier. Soldier is always preparing himself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Dancers wear kind o traditional shorts complimented with long sleeves shirts .Ghoongroos are tied on the waist as a waist belt which releases soothing sound towards the dancers and dancers say that it acts as a energizer for them through out the dance performance. Multi coloured silk threads are hanged from waist to thighs which really coney a unique message of fun and frolic. Dhol, tasha and flute are the main instruments used in this dance.

Dancers keep doing summersaults. They move all around taking rounds also they perform actions like sitting down, rolling , jumping , moving side ways and diagonally .During all this the main action is hitting each others sticks in a very accurate way and in different positions.

According to the old folks it is believed that Krishna along with his supporters moved to sea side after getting defeated in kalyavan and he there he established Dwarkapuri.Krishna used to perform dance with his friends with sticks and he later took this form to Gujarat.