Nirmal Painting & Products of Andhra

The name travels from the village Nirmal in Adilabad district. The craft is practiced by a set of artisans known as naqash who by custom paint scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, as well as from Mughal and Kangra miniatures. The artists work with simple or embossed designs and acquire the original colours from gum, minerals, and available herbs. The master craftespersons of Nirmal originally made gold colour from the juices of herbs. The paintings are in gold on dark backgrounds and are remarkably attractive. Popular items include jewellery and ornament boxes made of poniki wood, food tray covers, playing cards, ganjifa boxes and many more items. A large variety of products, , wall plaques, furniture, screens, panels, , bowls, lamp stands trinket boxes, and ashtrays, are made.

Nirmal toys are copies of natural forms and artists only make animals and birds. Poniki wood is used for small products and teak wood for larger items";" l. Wall plaques with painted flying birds are also common, as are brightly coloured depictions of fruits, vegetables, and animals.