Mirror Work & Embroidery of Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is the trade centre for embroidery and mirror work items. Quilts are appliqued with geometrically shaped pieces of dark colours. Camel and horse saddles are decked with embroidery and applique with a hook. Varities of colored threads are used on the shoes.

The pichwai of Nathdwara, is an cloth-hanging which is embroidered and used as a decoration in temples. Gold thread is used in some to highlight the design. Appliqued pichwai has red cotton background and stitches are in cream, green, yellow, and black";" white is used for the outlines.

The women in Rajasthan are well skilled at embroidery and design. Attractive motifs like of tree, birds and animals on their long skirts (ghaghras). Women at Bikaner embroider chunky red woolen shawls with a running stitch, in a bandhini pattern.