Metalware of Punjab

The city of lush green fields and warriors display beautiful work of metal almost in every field. Locals have large hearts so are their utensils. Traditional utensils like thalis(thick broad plates),gagar or broad mouth pot used for water, ladles etc are all made out of copper , brass and phul. Phul is an alloy of copper. Amritsar the sacred city of Sikhs manufactures copper and brass domes. These domes are prepared out of metal sheets.

Sikhs have inherited marshal art techniques from their religious leadrs. It is believed that Guru Tegh Bahadur brought Sikligar community from Rajasthan to make weapons . This story is almost 300 years old. Khanjar and Katar are main attraction for Patalia city. Sikligars make spears, Bhalas, khandas, swords, special swords which have curls and are very sharp is called naag don. There are many more items prepared by these sikligars.