Metalware of Maharashtra

Copper ware is a traditional craft of Maharashtra which is practised in Ambernath, Thana, Kalyan, and Nasik. The wide range of copper articles produced at the units here include perforated chandeliers and lamp stands, ashtrays, glass holders, paper cutters, pin cushions and trays. Articles such as decorative door handles, key chains, cuff links and moulded figures of Trimurti (the Hindu trinity of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma) are prized possessions amongst tourists and for export markets.

The art of silver inlay on a metal alloy, called bidri, came to Maharashtra from Andhra Pradesh along with artisans who migrated from Bidar to Aurangabad many years ago. The major products crafted are decorative wall plaques. However, in pilgrimage centres like Nasik, initially only ritual objects such as idols of gods and kumkum boxes were crafted in silver but with growing demand, other articles such as paandans, gulabdans, attardans, bowls and trays have been added to the list.