Metalware of Goa

Brass and copper take a special place in Goa. Traditionally it is used in the marriage ceremonies as well in other works. Copper vessels are gifted to girls in their marriages. Vessel called hando is ideal for cooking rice and boiling watr. It is available in different sizes and weights. Copper plates, glasses, bowls are also in the list.

Brass bells, locks and many other items are available in the market. Brass is a mixture of zinc and copper. The black smith prepare special kinds of locks in the shape of betel leaf. The specialty of these locks is that it takes seven turns and is very hard, steady and strong. Black smith or the kansars is a very profession in this state as he holds a very special place in the Hindu as well as the Christian marriages. These smiths also prepare the auspicious green bangles which are worn by the brides of both the communities during the marriage. The brides take out the auspicious time before they visit the black smith for their green bangles.