Metal Casting of Kerala

Varieties of lamps are produced in Kerala. Nelavilakku and thookuvialakku are the lamps which are made for the temples and the prayer rooms are popular all over. Lamps embellished with a peacock, garuda or with the figure of a god or goddess are made regularly. These lamps are multi tiered and hanging lamps of different sizes are also made beautifully.

Trivandrum, Angadipuram and payyanur in Cannanore are the trade centers for statuary art which can be seen very clearly in the temple images. There are skilled craftsmen at Kerala practicing Koftagiri.Koftagari is the inlay of a light ? coloured metal on a darker metal surface which was used for weapons and arms.

Kerala large sized vessels are very well known for the cire ? perdue process or the lost wax process. There are vessels used for community cooking and are called varpus , which can be up to 6feet in circumference. Paan boxes, tumblers, jugs etc are the other items.