Matki Raas Dance of Gujarat

Raas is of many types and matki raas song is one of the most traditional one on which dance is based. In this dance young girls carry earthen pot or pot carrying water which is balanced on their heads and dance with the feeling of being Krishna and Radha. During the dance songs sung are all related to water. It is very interesting to listen to the songs related to Krishna of his romantic days, especially the event of breaking Radhas and her friend’s earthen pots near river Yamuna. All this is presented in a very attractive way. In this dance one boy is made to stand in the centre that pretends to be from milk seller community. He carries a pot on his head and while jumping around he performs his dance and he shows as if he is breaking the earthen pots carried by the ladies or by the young girls. Lord Krishna is well known for his romantic acts with Radha and her friends. The whole dance gives a feeling of drama too. The boy is acting as Krishna and he also plays his flute in between and gives description of lord Krishna’s activities especially the Mathura ones.

The females show that they are busy dancing and are completely engrossed in it but at the same time they are careful about the coming attacks of breaking their pots by Krishna. Matki is very famous during Janmashtami festival. Dancers are dressed in the utmost attractive attires depicting that era. Some of the temples also perform these dances and gather huge tourists coming from far flung countries.