Majira Dance of Gujarat

This dance form belongs to the fishermen community. Majira is a wondrous dance of Bhalnal region. The performers sit down on the ground forming a circle and start singing on the tunes of Majira. During this they display different different poses .Dancers display their cultural and personal richness through this dance. In the next stage of the dance the dancers spread their legs and again sit down and start the dance actions. During all this ektara, tabla, wagliyo and kansi pair is played.Many different movements are displayed like sitting, standing and even sleeping which shows basically every day life routine.

Dancers tie instrument majira on their different parts of the body like it can be seen on their legs, toe fingers, thighs and they play this through the dorbandh majira which they hold in their hands. The art of playing majira is very unique in sea regions. The use of majira these days can be seen in many traditional folk songs and dances. Even during the religious songs the use is seen.

In Rajasthan women participate in the Teralal dance. In this they tie tal at thirteen different parts of the body and with the tals of hands they shape up the religious songs and the dance. To synchronize lot of practice is required. The use of manjira in this creates a unique atmosphere full of enthusiasm and excitement. In this dance women display thirteen different poses.

It is believed that manjira ras Hinglaj Mata, which is now in Pakistan is a form of this only. This is in particular can be seen in Rajasthan and Gujarat.