Machri Dance of Rajasthan

Machri means fish. This is a type of ghoomar and is more common amongst the nomadic tribes or the banjaras.Young girls from whom the youth is blooming are seen dancing in the full moon night of hot weather .The night is full of passion.

It is believed that the main character of the dance or the dancer depicts a beautiful scene of passion and anger. She depicts looking at the fresh and the pure water and on the other side she takes a glimpse of her blooming youth which is full of lust, passion and requires attention. While she admires her beauty and wants it to be appreciated, she passes a grin. All this excite her movement and she starts dancing.

She is successful in inviting the god of water who is asked by the fish to divert back but he does not pay any attention to their statement. The anger of god is turned on the fish by the heavy tied of splashes that are trapped so badly that they don’t find any way to escape from this situation. Before she realizes the fact it is too late as the fish have slept of ever. The surrounding becomes calm and quite over the sleep of the fish. The ending of the dance is very tragic and upsetting but it is performed very beautifully by the character.

In the Bansvada region both the sexes participate and instruments such as madal and thali are commonly used.