Kodali Karupper Saris of Tamil Nadu

The first Karpur sari was exhibited in the Vishwakarma Exhibition inLondon and was defined a work of art and genius. Village of Kolli Karpur is famous for its Kodalikareppur /Karpur saris, and furnishings.

The Karpur sari is a mixture of hand painting, block printing and brocade weaving. The rareness of the Karpur sari deceit in its perfect combination of these three distinct and different techniques. Its district characteristic is that the motif has an uncolored outline, which reflects the base fabric colour. In difference the residual area is filled by either two or three colours like red, yellow blue or black. To obtain this uncoloured outline the fabric is resisted with a wax line. On a sari the colours are both painted or printed with blocks.

The pallu is woven with a cotton weft. The weaving of the fabric is shared with zari in the Jamdani method on the main body and the border. Zari weft can be traced in the motifs like the star in the border and tilakam in the body of the sari.