Kalbeliya Dance of Rajasthan

Kalbeliya is one of the opulent dance forms of Rajasthan. It is performed by the snake charmers community. Kal means snake and beliya means friend. Snakes are really friendly to them and one cannot see any fear in the people belonging to this community regarding snake catching. They are expert in catching all types of snakes, removing the poison from the snakes, removing the skin , carrying them on their shoulders. These are all daily routine jobs for them. At the time of wedding along with the other items snake is one of the important gift items which is given as a souvenir. No marriage is complete without it.

Female folks of this community are excellent at performing the dance. Their flexible bodies are compared to the sleek and flexible bodies of snakes. As the snakes don’t have any bones in them and this is what makes them so flexible in their movements so are the movements of the kalbeliyans. They are too excellent in their performances. Spinning around is the main act which they do with all their flexibilities and their speed works on the beats.

The dance costume is very attractive. They wear long black skirts decorated with silver ribbons or gota (local language word for the silver ribbon), danglers, bead strings, traditional bangles. . They dance with their wale covering their face but then also the dancers please the viewers with all their movements.