Jewellery of Uttaranchal

The goldsmiths of Uttaranchal have retained the authenticity of their designs in the ornaments made by them till date. Traditionally ornaments made in gold and silver were over laid in brass to improve longevity of the precious metal. Gold and silver jewellery forms part of daily attire of womenfolk of this region who like to wear ornaments of big sizes that stand out. The famous nose ring is an important ornament in the hills which is given to the bride on her wedding day by her maternal uncle mama. Hasli, worn around the neck, are made of silver and gold and has beads around it which can be changed according to their attire. Bullack is a form of nose ring which is worn in the centre of the nostrils. Murkhelai, a form of ear ring, has fixed colour hanging beads i.e red and white which vary in size depending on the comfort and budget. The women of Uttaranchal have many holes pierced in their ears and are often seen wearing many earrings.