Jewellery of Orissa

The silver filigree work along with the tribal jewelry of Orissa has been a specialty for ages. Cuttack is the main hub for filigree work or Tarkasi, as it is locally known. This form of silver jewelry originated in Orissa from where it has spread to other areas. Fine strings of silver threads are produced by drawing silver through a series of consecutive smaller holes. The silver threads are then given various shapes to make desired patterns and designs. Traditional jewellery items made by this art form include arm jewelry, necklaces, nose rings and the anklets. Modern jewellers also make brooches, ear-pendant, hair pins, bangles along with other utility items like trays, plates, cups, bowls, ash-trays, candle stands, incense containers, vermilion containers, animals, birds, flowers, peacock, chariots and even ladies bags.

The best of designs of folk jewellery can be seen on nose rings, some of which are made by a combination of granulation, filigree and casting process. Mayurpankhi, the design of peacock with open feathers is a popular design. The armband is another peculiar accessory of this area. It is made of chains joined by adjustable flowers.