Jewellery of Assam

Assamese jewellery include the, jon biri, lokaparo, thuriya, jethi poti, doog doogi bana, , gaam kharu, keru, gal pata,and dhol biri. .. Jorhat in Upper Assam is the station for traditional Assamese jewellery.

The most interesting piece of Assamese jewellery is an ear ring that looks like an orchid known as kopo phool. It looks like two small shoes lynching jointly and attached to a floral segment on top which is further connected to a chain. The jethi poti is a wide band of cloth which is placed as row of small medallions with a central pendant. A large bangle with a clasp called gaam kharu is prepared in silver with gold polish. Bana or jonberi is a crescent-shaped overhanging packed with lac for a cushioned effect. The frontage is studded with rubies whereas the back always has enameling. Lokaparo is a popular ear ring which has twin birds placed back to back in gold , mina , ruby or even sometimes enamel coating.