Hand Block Printing of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is an important centre for hand-block printing with the classical butis, paisley designs, and the tree of life as the main traditional motifs used in a range of shapes and in bold, medium, and fine patterns. Inspired by Muslim architecture, the tree of life motif carries an Indo-Persian influence. It has floral designs and bouquets in panels in crimson, rose, matte brown, soft yellow, blue, and green set against arches shaped like mihrabs, along with symmetrical trees and jali designs bordered with calligraphy and inlay design. A lot of paisley motifs can be seen in the hand block printed fabrics of Lucknow, while the chikan embroidery motifs are more popular in other printing centres of Uttar Pradesh. Jehangirabad, another printing centre, is known toned down colours and bold lines in the Indo-Persian tradition. Tanda in Uttar Pradesh is famous for its detailed printing. The main colours used are red and a dark blue blended with red against an indigo background.