Hand Block Printing of Madhya Pradesh

The traditional art of block is very old and is carried out with the vegetable dyes by the printers. The wooden blocks have embossed motifs which are dipped in the colored dyes and later pressed over the fabric. Saris, suits, bed spreads, table cloth etc are prepared. The two towns famous for this work are Umedpur and Tarapur where the villagers use indigo for their plants.Block printing is an ancient and important art of Madhya Pradesh. With time and industrial development this art has developed new techniques and trends. Bherongarh which lies near Ujjain is known as the headquarters for these artists. The artists are specialized in items such as quilts, lugda, jajams, dress materials, mats of all kinds and other items of textiles.

The colors used are mainly natural and extracted from turmeric roots, lac, and fruit skin of pomegranate, indigo and other substances. The natural dyes are fast in colors and shell out a rich look. These days the natural dyes are also assisted with chemical dyes.

The designs mainly printed are traditional which have been in use since 150 years plus.