Goga Dance of Rajasthan

This dance is done in honor of Gogaji. The followers get together at one place and start dancing to the rhythm. They reach the destination dancing and in a fun and a frolic mood. Goaji is considered to be deities of snakes. The followers carry with themselves snakes belonging to dangerous species. People bitten by snakes also reach to worship Gogaji.

People visiting the site are very special and they come in group. There is one person in this group who carries a bamboo stick which has symbol of snakes which are the cut outs of fabrics. The fabric is of black or of blue color. The bamboo has a length of ten feet.

The tip or the top of the bamboo is decorated with peacock feathers and shells. The lower part of the bamboo is tied to the navel and is covered with the fabric. The person who carries the bamboo maintains the excitement of the group people along with the rhythm. He dances all around to keep them at pace and mood. There are some musicians who play different different instruments such as dairu, dhol, katori.