Glazed Ceramics of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry

Southern India has its own distinctive glazed pottery. Vellore in North Arcot district has a tradition of black and red pottery. Usilampatti in Madurai district has black pottery painted over with yellow. Panruti in South Arcot district is famous for its clay figures of deities and toys. Karigiri also in South Arcot district is famous for its glazed pottery (which uses china clay called namakette decorated with patterns and dish trays), flower vases, decorative animal and bird figures, paperweights and tableware.

At Auroville in Pondichery a heavy kiln-dried pottery is crafted. This pottery resembling stoneware, and is finished with a variety of glazes. Constant experimentation and development has been the hallmark of this center. Contemporary tableware and household utility items are some of the products crafted here.