Ghoriya Dance of Gujarat

This dance form belongs to Tarvi community.Ghoria is very famous in Panchmahal,Bharoach and Vadodra. Just two days after holi festival called Dhulandi is celebrated and on this day youngsters move out of their houses to celebrate. They carry gulal as well as the ashes of holi and as soon as they meet their friends they start putting it on each others faces. Initially they apply the tilak made out of lime stone and also one can see them exchanging garland made out of Bhorangni seeds. (describe how does this look like orflower some thing about it). Interesting features are the accessories used in the tribal dances. In Ghoria dance sometimes the dancers have been seen wearing head gear made out the stems of Neem tree. Some people are seen wearing ghoongaro on their arms, ankles and waist. These people move around different villages greeting and for five days they perform Tipli dance which is done on the beats of dhol and performed very rhythmically. The main dancer in this paints his entire face black and is known as kali massi. Kali massi wears torn clothes and puts on the ghagra as his lower. He also carries supda(define supda)and in which he collects the of ferings which is very happily of fered to him by the people around.