Gaur Dance of Gujarat

Dances are always seen having some or the other link to culture. As a custom gaur dance is performed during the gangore puja.The young girls pray to god with full honesty and faith asking for a handsome and a wonderful husband. The married ladies are not to be left behind as they are seen praying to god for the long life of their husbands and for good understanding ahead.During the prayer ceremony the dances are performed by the small girls, young girls ad ladies and it is known as Gaur dance. This custom is also practiced by the local tribals.

The customs and the culture sometimes varies from village to village.It is noticed in some villages that the locals install idols of Lord Shiva at home or they visit the shiv temples and women dance around it. During Baisakh Sudi Purnima the gaur puja is organized . Men and women tap on the beats of dhol and the exciting songs of gaur. Laied keep jawar on their heads and wear the ghungaroo bracelates on their hands.Men shudder themselves on the hard dhol beats.Dhol in this dance is regarded as the back bone of this dance as the beats coming out of dhol shapes up the beauty of the dance. It is according to every beat of the dhol the dancer takes his or her steps. Dancers are seen dancing bare feet even in the hottest months.

Many a times the idol of Gaur is kept at the centre place where the dance or salsa is to be performed. A wooden swor is placed near the idol of Gaur..Many songs are sung during the dance and the atmosphere very pleasant-sounding during the emersion of idol.