Gare Dance of Gujarat

The tribals have their own Gare dance. This performance is done before the main holi gare dance. This gare dance form is also known as Gauriya and garaiya. In south of Gujarat this dance form is famous and prevalent The Dubla and Dabla communities perfom this dance form. The districts of Brich and Thana of Surat also have three communities belonging to Hindu Dabla, Bohria Dabla and Parsi Dabla. It was in the year Mahatma Gandhi got the released from being bonded labour.These people are very closely devoted to Kalika and Amba Mata.This is the reason why during Navratras and Kali Chavdas celebration gare is performed and it is also known as dvibandhi gare.whoever participates in the gare is known a Khera.

It is very interesting to see the old men and the youngs boys and men dressing themselves in the ladies attire .They put on all the possible bright shades .Dancers also tie a belt around their waist on which it is decked up with the copper bells or the ghungroos.The day the ceremony begins sacrifice of hen is made to the goddesses and later buried where the dance is to be performed and then the bhora(dance commander) gives the demand to the dancers to start. The dancers carry fans made out of peacock feathers and also seen carrying sticks. Sometimes swords also appear in some cases while the dancers perform the dance. Garba to Mata Parnu is sung along with traditional pavda.