Gair Dance of Rajasthan

is performed by both the sexes. Gair has got its birth from a Bhill dance and it is performed during the festival of Holi. Gair basically means circle or round. It is performed in a circle and that is how it has got its name. This dace is famous and performed mostly by all the communities but it is more famous of Maiwarh and Marwarh. It is also known as gair ghalna, gair ramna, gair khelna and gair nachna.Gair is not similar of all the places. Every place has its own rhythm, style of forming circle, costume etc. The dancers take turns in clockwise and anti clockwise directions.

The men wear long skirts which have pleats and open out in full – length skirts. In the month of falgun (feb- mar) one can listen to the beats of dhol, thali and mardal.Dancers on these beats carrying their long sticks. When they are dancing it seems as if they are depicting a scene from war front. It is believed by the locals that this dance must have got some significance to war. This form of dance is also seen in Africa and Central Asia.

The sticks used in the dance are called Khanda.These sticks are very attractive and catch every eye. The sticks play vital role in the dance. They are very thin and does not carry much of weight and give a flare look. These sticks are cut from the gundi tree and involves little cleaning process. In some places instead of sticks swords are used .In one hand the dancers carries the naked sword and in the other hand is occupied with scabbard .Apart from this gair is also of third type in which the dancers carry sword in one hand and in the other hand he carries the wooden khanda or the stick.