Gadulio Dance of Gujarat

This dance form has derived its name form the name of the tribe itself. It belongs to the Gadulio and they are pr of essionally iron smiths. They move around from one village to the other spreading the word of their pr of ession by displaying their skill and taking orders. During the Holi festival the tradition of performing the dance is unique. During Holi they perform the dance around their vehicles and the females enjoy the dance to the glory. They are so engrossed in this that sometimes the females dance without any musical background. The excitement of female Gadulio dancers is highly appreciated and can be seen in their each and every action as each action conveys happiness. It is very interesting to see that in this dance form Mother- in law is seen giving Nagechar(What meaning does Naechar stands) to daughter- in – law and she is seen giving it to Sister- in law.