Embroidery of Tamil Nadu

Ari embroidery of Tamil Nadu has its international market in Nigeria where women drape themselves (during ceremonial occasions) in the embroidered cloth from this region. This has ornamentation of tikris and beads which make them look attractive. Sri Perumbpadur region of Tamilnadu is very famous for this craft where it is done on saris and handkerchiefs.

This type of embroidery is done on a frame of wooden beams. The fabric is woked upon with a long needle, threads, tikris and beads. Multi sized frames are used, usually about 1.5 feet high, to secure the cloth on which the design is sketched with a stencil. One hand secures the thread under the cloth to the needle while the other hand moves the needle on top of the cloth with ease. Decorative tikris and beads are attached to the cloth with the needle. This work done on the Real Madras Handkerchief is exported to Africa where this cloth measuring 36? by 36? is used by Nigerian women on ceremonial occasions.

Another embroidery pattern is the jaali or net embroidery in geometric or floral shapes and is done by pulling the warp and weft threads and fixing them with minute buttonhole stitches.