Embroidery of Madhya Pradesh

The Banjaras of Madhya Pradesh who are found in the districts of Malwa and Nimar have their own distinct style of embroidery. Embroidery here is done creating designs according to the weave of the cloth. The items embroidered are ghagras (skirts), borders for blouses, hankies, small purses and dupattas(stoles used to cover heads) . The interior of the hankie is entirely covered with stem stitch embroidery that is done horizontally instead of vertically.

The textured effect is achieved by varying colours and stitches of the geometric patterns and designs. Motifs are generally highlighted by the cross-stitch style of embroidery. The border along the edges of the hankie does not have a continuous pattern but consists of a pattern done by varying the count of the threads while the angular designs are achieved by vertical stitches.