Embroidery of Bihar

Embroidery in Bihar is passed from mother to her daughter as a craft. Kasida embroidery with geometrical patterns of Bihar resembles to the kasuti embroidery of Mysore and is found in many different styles. Zari (metallic thread ) embroidery is done in both silver and gold metallic threads having the motifs of birds, leaf and many other .

sujni is a unique craft which is done from the old worn saris. The saris are stitched jointly with white thread and then quilted. The middle part of the quilt is generally stitched together with coloured threads to create lively patterns.Taganua, is the embroidery which is done with the counting of threads. Khatwa, the appliqu? patchwork of Bihar, is found on tents and apart from the personal garments.

In the Mithila region, young girls embroider coverlets, and children's garments (in red, blue, and black, on bleached hand-woven cloth) mainly with folk or religious motifs along with stripes, lines and animal motifs. Mirror work is done on many fabrics and these mirrors are supported with the chain stich using the cotton, silk and synthetic threads.