Dolls & Toys of Bihar & Jharkhand

The horse and the rider toys of Darbhnga are very famous. Toys are composed of many different materials such as clay , mud, wood, cloth etc. The making of clay toys and images is done seasonally. Once the festive season is over then the artists make the necessary household utensils. Crafted images are made in many different designs. Bamboo dolls are also crafted in Bihar.

Crafts persons at Ranchi make attractive wooden toys which are painted in nice and soothing colors. The figures of King- Queen and mother and child are the famous ones. Spinsters and housewives make cloth dolls and are sold during the festival seasons. These dolls are seen during the festive seasons. Chota Nagpur also has artists who work on the wooden toys. The figures which have religious sentiments are to be praised as the artists spends lot of time in making the features of each doll which make them look . Black lines are used to outline the features.