Dolls & Toys of Assam

Toys in Assam are made in the most ethnic and the traditional way. Craftsmen of hills design cane and bamboo toys using their skilled hands and few local tools. Figures of Gods and Goddesses, animals and many mythological figures are crafted by the local craftsmen of Golapara districts and are made out of clay. Pith toys are also made in this region.

There is a tradition of making cloth dolls by the women folk of almost every family and this craft is passed from mother to her daughter and this is how this craft is preserved in Assam. Bamboo shotgun which can shoot up to 150 yards is a very demanding toy. Toys made out of bamboo and wood are crafted in the shapes of birds, human figures and animals .Craftsmen also make dolls for the theatre craft .Bride and groom dolls are made and attracts lot of attention. These are made outof bamboo, mud, cloth and wood. Craftsmen design all the possible jewellery along with attractive clothes.