Dhurries of Madhya Pradesh

The dhurries are made in the most tradional way of weaving. These brigh coloured dhurries are aved by hand- operated- looms. Craftspersons dye the yarn according to the design and the combination required to finish the product.

Jajamas or the floor coverings are known all over for their attractive designs. Traditionally jamas have pinkish- white back ground and bright red colour designs. The designs are separated by black or bright red colour lines. Artisans work on many kinds of motifs on the jajamas. Some of them have geometric designs, leaves and flowers. The beauty of the craftsmanship showers from the neempati motif which has 24- petal flowers bounded by flowers and leaves. Sun is considered very auspicious and it reflects new life .Sunflower design is another motif which is made purely in yellow colour or as desired by the buyer.