Dhurries of Karnataka

The old centre for woolen carpets at Navalgund produces colourful dhurries. The art of dhurrie making has passed from generation to generation. The weavers have preserved the motifs of woolen carpets and now those motifs are the life line of these dhurries. Geometrical and floral designs are made on these dhurries using striking color scheme. The use of striking colors on these cotton dhurries make them look rich and expensive.

In Murgao and Mulgund of Dharwar district, a very unique and special kind of dhurrie is made. The speciality lies in the nine- inch pieces of colored cloth which are joined together. Motifs are from old paintings, wall hangings and furniture.

Artisans at Sutada in Bijapur and Dharwar make very special and unique dhurrie having simple horizontal stripes. The designing of the stripes by the local artisans have made dhurries from sutada unique and special.