Dhakriya Dance of Gujarat

This dance form is mainly prevalent amongst the tribals of Dang region. Dance begin with the traditional beats of the instrument .Along with the beats of instrument the songs are sung which add glory to the dance. The dancers change their actions and poses to the changing beats as well as to the rhythm of the dhol. The unique feature of the dance which means the actions and the poses which is known as thaiko (kindly find- thiko ka chala).Famous thikos are Bhajiniyo,,sipahi,mor etc. Dhakriya dance has total of twenty seven chale and it is also known as bhacha.(define-challe).

During the season of monsoons this dance form is performed and on many other occasions also.Tribals believe in strong rituals and follow it very religiously. Before taking the dance the dancers have to make them pure and clean by taking the bath. They believe that if onedances with the impurities then this may result into turning god angry.